"Reaching out to Bring Good News"
An Isaiah 61 Ministry

Once in while, we all need an extended hand of grace to help us through the tough times and difficult moments of our lives. As Biblical Counselors, the "Extended Grace" Counseling Ministry is here to help you THROUGH your situation from a Biblical standpoint. We want to ensure you we’re here to walk beside you on the journey. We believe this to be a partnership and as Jesus’ ambassadors we are walking with you. 

We’re so glad that you’re taking this important step to seek Godly counsel. Our goal in providing biblical counseling is to help you meet the challenges of life in a way that will please and honor the Lord Jesus Christ and allow you to enjoy fully His love for you and His plans for your life.

God’s Word tells us he came so that we could have life – abundant life (John 10:10)! This means God’s desire for us is to have more than what is merely necessary to survive; His desire is for us to flourish and experience joy in Him. Jesus promises us, Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). No matter what your situation, this is a time in your life that the God of all creation knows and understands completely, and therefore, there is great hope!

These forms will be helpful for us to start getting to know you and your situation, as well as to communicate these first important points which explain some of our perspectives and convictions which we believe are honoring to God and the best way we can truly be of help to you. If you need to talk to somebody and want to book an appointment, simply fill out, sign the 2 forms listed below, and email them to us at extendedgraceministries@gmail.com